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The State Land Development Company Ltd (SLDC) is a public company, incorporated in 2001 by the Government of Mauritius . The company has two shareholders namely the Government of Mauritius,holding some 99.6% of shares and the Development Bank of Mauritius Limited (DBM Ltd) with 0.4% of shares.The main sources of revenue of the company come from production of sugar cane , leasing of land for industrial development and sale of land for residential and commercial purposes.Under the SIE Act as amended in 2001,SLDC is registered as a specified entity and hence, is exempted from the payment of land conversion and Morcellement taxes.


The Company shall be an example for the present and coming generation in integrated development of Land Resources through appropriate Strategic Planning, Efficient and Effective Implementation of its Master Plan.”


The Company shall be the leader in achieving sustainable use of land resources and state of the art planning in providing opportunities to foreign and local promoters of businesses to find appropriately located sites provided with all infrastructure, namely road, electricity, water, sewerage and telephone networks for industrial, or commercial purposes.”